WHITE Wedding Awards Rules

(By submitting an application and paying participation fee, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Participation, below)

WHITE Wedding Awards is a distinction for successful representatives in various sectors of the wedding market, both Russian and foreign. The competition identifies and demonstrates the best projects of any scale.

The key goal of the Award is to identify the best in the field of the wedding industry, to open the Russian wedding market to the international community.

Objectivity and impartiality of the Awards is ensured by a foreign Jury, which includes leaders of the global wedding industry.

Individuals and legal entities from any wedding industry sectors and regions who have reached the age of 18 can claim to win.

Key points

1.1. These Regulations define the rules for organizing, summing up and awarding the WHITE Wedding Awards (hereinafter referred to as the "Award").

1.2. The Award is a competition that is held to identify the best companies and the best specialists in the field of wedding products and services that have shown leadership in the past year and set high standards that other market participants are guided by.

1.3. The Award is an international distinction awarded to the most successful participants in the wedding market. Nominees submit their own applications for the competition through the official website of the Awards.

2. Organizers of the Awards

2.1. The founder of the Award is NewCo S.P.A., the wedding magazine of WHITE Sposa Italy.

2.2. The Organizer of the Award is New Media Publishing House LLC, wedding magazine WHITE Sposa Russia.

Awards organizer:

· is the governing body of the Awards, carries out general management and control over the conduct of the Awards in accordance with these regulations;

· provides organizational and technical support for the Awards;

· publishes information about the Awards on the official website, social networks, as well as in the issue of the magazine following the Solemn Ceremony;

organizes the awarding of the nominees of the Awards;

· accepts and registers applications from nominees and checks them for compliance with established requirements (preliminary examination);

determines the number and name of the Awards Nominations;

· performs other functions necessary for holding the Awards.

informs the media about the event;

· forms public opinion about the Awards and representatives of the wedding industry of the Russian market.

Jury of the Awards:

The Jury of the Awards consists of leaders of the global wedding industry and leading foreign media.

Functions of the Jury of the Awards:

Evaluation of the nominees and finalists of the Awards.

3. Awards Nominations

3.1. The current list of nominations is published annually on the official website of the Awards.

4. Procedure for submitting applications for participation in the Awards

4.1. The announcement of the start of accepting applications for participation in the Awards is carried out by the Organizer through the media and by publishing information on the official website of the Awards and in social networks.

4.2. The cost of participation in the Awards is from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles.

4.3. During a certain period, the Organizer of the Awards accepts applications for participation on the official mail of the Award awards@whitesposa.ru. Each application consists of a completed Participant Questionnaire. Participants submit their own applications for the competition.

4.4. The Organizer has the right to extend the deadline for submitting applications for the Awards.

4.5. Presentation of competitive materials by the nominees is carried out in the prescribed form, posted on the official website, submission of presentations is obligatory. The organizer checks the applications for compliance with the established requirements (preliminary examination) and forms a general list of nominees.

4.6. Several different projects cannot be submitted to one nomination, if such is not written in the requirements for the application of a particular nomination, for example, “Best Wedding Agency”.

4.7. Participants have the right to participate in one or more nominations.

4.8. Wedding agencies can take part in a maximum of 2 nominations. Payment for each nomination is made separately in the full cost of the application.

4.9. When participating in different thematic groups of nominations, the participant pays for each application separately, for example, the photographer decided to take part in the nomination of photographers and the nomination of videographers. For each nomination payment is made separately.

4.10. The primary examination of the works is carried out by the expert council of the Awards.

4.11. Examination of the works admitted to the competition is carried out by the Jury members. Experts determine the winners of the Awards from among the three finalists (if the number of points of participants is the same, four or more applications of nominees are sent for examination).

4.12. The winner of the WHITE Wedding Awards statuette is the nominee who received the maximum number of points according to the results of the Jury voting.

4.13. Notification of the finalists and invitation to the Solemn Awards Ceremony takes place no later than 10 days before the Ceremony.

4.14. The results of the Award and the winners in each category are announced at the WHITE Wedding Awards Ceremony.

5. Awards Ceremony and Award

5.1. Specially invited experts in the field of the wedding industry, representatives of show business, the business community, as well as participants of the Awards take part in the Award Ceremony.

5.2. A prerequisite for the awarding of the Awards is the presence of the winner of the Awards, his manager or representative at the Awards ceremony.

5.3. The Prize is awarded in the form of a statuette and a diploma to the nominee who won the first place, and in the form of a diploma to the nominees who won prizes.

5.4. The commemorative badge of the Awards is a figurine symbolizing the brand name of the Awards.

5.5. The Awards Diploma is made in the form of a certificate containing the symbols of the Awards, the name of the winner, the nomination in which the participant won, as well as the signatures of the Jury members.

5.6. All finalists of the Awards receive diplomas, and the winner in each nomination is awarded a statuette.

5.7. The winners of the Awards are entitled to indicate the status of "Winner of the WHITE Sposa Wedding Awards" in their own information, advertising and presentation materials, as well as in the advertising campaign of their products and services.

6. Special conditions

6.1. The voting results of the Jury members are provided at the request of the participants of the Awards of the specific nomination in which they took part.

6.2. The Organizer of the Awards is not responsible for possible direct or indirect losses, damage, lost profits that may arise from participants and applicants in connection with participation in the Awards, its holding and summing up.

6.3. Placing by the participant of the application for the competition is a confirmation of the openness of the information provided. The Organizer of the Awards is not responsible for the disclosure by the participant of the company's confidential data. The Organizer, for its part, undertakes not to disclose the information provided by the participant.

6.4. If an application is withdrawn from the competition by the decision of the participant in any period for accepting applications, the payment for participation is not refundable.

6.5. The Organizer does not guarantee complete coverage of the entire international market, therefore the results of the Awards cannot be absolute.
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